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McDonnell proposes 2 percent pay raise for teachers

By Hattie Brown GarrowDecember 14, 2012 Calling K 12 education a top priority, Gov. Bob McDonnell on Thursday proposed a 2 percent pay raise for public school teachers the first state supported salary bump in five years.

For the raise to stick, however, the General Assembly will have to agree to keep rookie teachers on probation for five years instead of three.

The proposed changes are part of an effort to recruit, retain and reward excellent teachers, McDonnell said while outlining the initial phase of his 2013 education agenda. A local match is required for participation. Besides classroom teachers, the raise would include principals and assistant principals, guidance counselors, librarians and instructional aides.

House Majority Leader Kirk Cox, a teacher for 30 years, recalled how "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" he held a part time job when he first entered the profession. "Anabolika Definition" Cox, R Colonial Heights, called the pay raise "extremely important" because it will keep teachers from Buy Anadrol Cheap leaving the classroom.

"For this governor to carve out that kind of money for teachers, you wouldn't believe the stuff that had to go on behind the scenes to make this happen," Cox said.

The salary increase would be contingent on the passage of the Educator Fairness Act. In addition to extending the time it takes for a teacher to earn continuing contract status, the legislation will better define incompetence Dianabol Before Or After Workout and streamline the grievance process, McDonnell said.

The governor made the elimination of open ended contracts for teachers an agenda item during the last General Assembly session, but the proposal failed after harsh opposition from the Virginia Education Association and others.

VEA President "Anadrol 50" Meg Gruber said she's "cautiously optimistic" this time "Oxandrolone Powder India" around. The organization has met with the governor and was happy to see some of its ideas considered, Gruber said. One idea was to establish summer academies for K 12 teachers looking to improve their instruction, another element of McDonnell's agenda.

Trenace Riggs, president of the Virginia Beach Education Association, said the group is pleased to see the governor understands that teachers are underpaid. Virginia used to rank above the national average in teacher salaries; now it's about $7,000 under, she said.

"We want to get and keep the best teachers," Riggs said.

She added that the association needs more information before it can form an opinion on McDonnell's proposal to increase the time required for teachers to get continuing contracts.

Other proposals announced Thursday include:

Creating a teacher cabinet, an advisory group made up of teachers from each region of the state.

Awarding competitive grants to school divisions to design and implement compensation systems that include incentives for teachers. For example, a teacher might be rewarded for helping students make significant academic progress, serving as a mentor to a colleague or being willing to transfer to a hard to staff school.

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So Ms. Garrow, a former budgeting professor of mine once said that an initiative without an offset is a liar and a thief. Which brings me to a question I had hoped you would ask in preparation for this story. Perhaps we need to pay teachers, and perhaps teaqchers do need higher pay, but with a Governor that refuses to raise taxes for even the most basic of state functions, from what program will he steal the money to pay for this initiative? This Governor has the same plan every year. In preparation for the General Assembly, he announces Deca Durabolin For Sale Canada initiatives that have a price tag, but refuses to say how he would propose to pay for them. Why not adopt a policy at the Pilot that you would at least ask him what he will cut to fund this initiative?

It sounds as if your budgeting professor has very succinctly defined the Fed ("liar and a thief"). Only they call it "expanding their balance sheet". (QE programs)

The Fed will supply "Federal" money. It won't be a problem as the President is requiring that there be no more "debt ceiling". As bogus as that term was to start with. There is no "debt ceiling" with fiat money.

The Government is benevolent and will supply all our needs. Money for teachers and anything else we want, er, I mean need.

Yeah, "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" but it makes for great chatter among the low information folks (who get their info from a network that follows the same script no matter what). I wonder if the reason why is that our Governor is beginning to see that he doesn't have to worry about firing teachers 50% or more are already leaving the profession within the first five years anyway. The teacher bashing fun that our wealthy politians have been enjoying for many years recently is starting to show the fruit of their deeds. What are they going to do when they can't find anyone willing to put up with this nonsense?